Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Act as a Rich to attract the money

“Like attracts like” is a nature’s law. When we talk or think about
Money or being on the path of richness you must have the right mindset for that. If you are having poor mindset how you are going to attract money towards you?
Act as a wealthy if you want to be rich n happy. Acting of wealthy doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money.You have to be confident and relax. Practice affirmations that focus only on the positive feelings you’d enjoy if you had the money you desire.
An example affirmation might be “I can afford everything I want or need in my life without stress or worry.”
Another might be “Everywhere I go, I attract financial prosperity and abundance.”

This type of positive money affirmation help you to act like a rich person and your mind will start attracting money!

Monday, 15 January 2018

Types of Health Insurance Policy

When health-related issues occur this is the costly time with hospitals offering best medical care facilities. If under any unfortunate circumstances your some loved one is hospitalized, you should be financially prepared to deal with that situation.
Health insurance is one of the types of insurance coverage which covers the cost of an insured individual and surgical expense. In health insurance terminology, the “provider” is a clinic, hospital, doctor, libratory, health care, and pharmacy.
If you enroll in any health insurance plan then the amount is either paid directly to the hospital through cashless transaction after a claim. This can provide you with a sense of safety and security since unforeseen medical emergencies can be met without any stress. The health insurance policy fulfills your all needs. Depending on your requirement you can choose the following type of insurance.

Individual Health Insurance:
The individual health insurance policy is the best health insurance policy option. This plan covers the individuals against any illnesses and ensuring medical expenses. It also covers hospitalization and surgical expenses till the cover limit is reached. This cover limit is the sum assured by your insurer. Same as the other insurance plans for this insurance you have to pay a certain amount as a premium to buy this health cover. The premium of a policy depends on the size of the policy cover. If you buy the higher limit policy then you have to pay more premium.
Family Floater Plans:
For the whole family if you want to buy health insurance plans then family floater is the best option. The family floater insurance covers the health insurance using single insurance for your entire family. If anybody in your family claims in case of hospitalization then more than one family member too can simultaneously avail the benefits of family floater insurance plan. Same as the individual plan you also have to pay money for family floater plan and only one family member has to pay. The family floater plan is the cheaper than individual Policies.
Unit Linked Health Plan:

Unit-Linked insurance health plan is a mix of investments and insurance. In this type, if a part of your premium is invested while remaining is used to buy health coverage. Your health insurance cover thus helps you to earn a return while providing you a safety net also. This return could help you to pay for your medical expenses over and above the health cover limit. The cost of the healthcare facility is rising day by day so, it is always better to have more money at your disposal. All the returns you earn through the ULHP will be paid at the end of the policy term. The health insurance plan helps to lessen the financial risks that arise from unexpected health issues. Selection of proper policy will secure you and your family life.
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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Neptune Engineers- Toshiba

About Toshiba-
Over its 40-year history, Toshiba has designed and developed their heat pumps, efficient climate control for Residential, Commercial use.

Advantages with Toshiba –

Toshiba is the innovators and creators of inverter technology. It has most significant development in heat pump efficiency.
1. Leader in climate control-
Toshiba has the ability to innovate and maintain leadership in the heating systems greenhouse gas releases at the source.
Toshiba combines industry.
2. Innovation now, for the future -
Toshiba develops the environment-friendly products -the result is a range of the most efficient heat pumps that reduce greenhouse gas releases at the source.
Toshiba – VRF system
In modern years the user's air conditioning systems expectations have changed. They demand room comfort, low energy consumption, and low maintenance costs.
Toshiba VRF systems are increasingly preferred as an alternative to traditional water-based heating and cooling systems. The wide range of indoor units makes VRF the flexible choice to satisfy any building requirement.

Toshiba three VRF system ranges –
1. Toshiba Mini-SMMS – Mini SMMS is a small VRF system for commercial and residential applications. It is in between the versatile multi-split systems and larger capacity of the SMMS.
2. Toshiba SMMS (Super Modular Multi System) – SMMS is the most advanced heat pump system on the market.  Its units are available with capacities ranging from 14 to 135 kW in cooling and from 16 to 150 kW in heating.
3. Toshiba SHRM –It provides simultaneously heating and cooling to different rooms. It is cooling capacity ranges from 22.4 to 84 kW and the heating capacity ranges from 25 to 95 kW. Up to 48 indoor units can be connected to a single system.
Toshiba sets new technological standards, including DC twin-rotary compressors in all outdoor units. The system regularly with a special controller regulates the operating sequence of outdoor units and individual compressors.

Toshiba SMMSe (Super Modular Multi System)
Key Features
1. Modular design, lightweight.
2. High-efficiency DC twin-inverter compressor.
3. High EER with low energy consumption.
4. High-lift design.
5. Advanced auto-diagnosis systems.
6. Low Noise Level.
7. Well-suited with a wide range of control systems.
The heating and cooling VRF SMMSe guarantee extraordinary flexibility in any application. It incorporates the latest inverter technology in all outdoor unit models. The capacities range from 14 to 135 kW in cooling mode and 16 to 150 kW in the heating mode with a capability to serve up to 48 indoor units.
The Benefits of Air Conditioning with an Outdoor Unit
Outdoor air conditioning is divided into two operating components, which consist of an internal and external unit. The internal component such as the fan and evaporator and the external unit brings out compression functions.

The benefits –
As a cooling option that’s quick and easy to operate, you’ll find that split system is a breeze to use. It is activated with a simple remote control, split systems cool or heat spaces very quickly.
Its units are offering targeted cooling where it is needed the most.
Split units are easily uninstalled and can be cleaned without calling specialists to maintain their internal unit.
Many units have both heating and cooling abilities so you can use the same unit all year, instead of investing in one to heat and one to cool.

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Why you do Marine Insurance?

Marine Insurance
Marine insurance is defined as a ‘Protection against future losses. Marine insurance is another departure from the general term ‘Insurance’ and as the name suggests it provides insurance to the ships, boats and mostly the cargo which carries goods.  Marine insurance plays a very important role because through marine insurance ship owners and transporters can claim damages especially considering the mode of transportation used. There are four modes of transport- road, rail, air, and water. Water mode of transport causes a worry to the transporters because of harm to the cargo due to natural calamities and another incidence which could cause a huge financial loss.
Marine insurance is important to all transporters and in marine insurance, the transporter can choose the insurance plan as per their size of his ship, many such minor points which could go a great extent in affecting the transport majorly. There are various plan and policies which covers the various ships, the transporters can choose and can get benefits of the best policy which suits his business.

Marine Insurance coverage
The marine insurance policy covers the different risks. Apart from covering different damages or losses like involved in sea, Marine insurance also covers the conditions related to cross-border armed battles. As we all know, the open waters can create a big obstacle to your ship and cargo and this can cause huge financial damage. Marine insurance ensures you’re all assets and finance is protected against such situations.
The cost of Marine Insurance depends on the size of your ship, routes taken and value of the cargo. You can choose specific coverage and through this, you can reduce cargo coverage to meet the important need of your business. Marine insurance can be tricky and companies are very strict when it comes to making claims.
Benefits of cargo insurance
The cargo insurance is also considered as a part of Marine Insurance which covers the loss or damage of any goods while in transit. Cargo policies have two plans, Open Perils, and Named Perils. Cargo can be insured for a single shipment or multiple shipments over a specific period of time. Most of the policies provide coverage to cargo’s value as well as other charges based on payment. Always keep in mind that, cargo insurance has geographical restrictions, so read your policy carefully before dealing with it.
Types of Marine insurance
·         Port risk policy- It is the marine insurance which guarantees the safety of your ship while it is stationed in a port.
·         Liability insurance-  It is the type of marine insurance it provides compensation for any liability that may occur such as a ship crashing or colliding with another ship as well as other attacks.  
·         Freight Insurance- It is the type of insurance which protects the Merchant Ships Corporation that is at risk of losing money in the form of freight. This would occur when the cargo is lost following an accident and solve the problem of companies.
·         Cargo insurance- It is the type of Marine insurance that is specific to the cargo ships and also pertains to the belongings of the ships.
·         Hull insurance- It is the type of insurance that is mainly for all the articles and pieces of furniture on the ship.
 Invest in Marine Insurance and secure your business.

Health Insurance- Best Mediclaim Policy

Health insurance is medical insurance offered by Life insurance Corporation to help an individual to deal with medical expenses. Health insurance policy covers the entire family. It is the type of medical insurance that covers individual’s medical and surgical expenses. The main focus of this policy is that new members of the family, in case of marriage or new childbirth are also covered in the term of the policy. The benefit of health insurance policy is that it ensures that you and your family are covered by medical suspicious.
Health insurance is also known as the insured pays the fixed sum every year for the health cover. In case of any health related problem or any surgery, hospitalization, the insurance is reimbursed by the health insurance company either directly or in the mode of cash or indirect payment to the hospital. Health issues can come anytime, and medical treatment cost is very high so you should have a health insurance. Increase in medical treatment is higher than a general increase in other categories like food and clothing, medical inflation is often higher.
Health insurance benefits
•    Access to complete health cover- This health insurance covers the three different categories which are: - Daily hospital, cash benefit, surgical benefit and critical illness benefit. You can choose any one option as per your need.
•    Daily hospital cash benefit- Hospitalization benefit is available for non- ICU and 10 days for ICU rooms. In that, you can get cash benefit of 60 days for non- ICU rooms and 30 days for ICU rooms.
•    Critical illness benefit- Under this policy there are 18 diseases which covered by health insurance. Like, cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, and so on.
•    Surgical benefit- There are 138 surgeries covered under this policy. They include major once like liver transplantation, bone marrow transplantation, bypass via open thoracotomy and so on.
•    Protection from well-defined benefit- Under the serious illness benefit, 100% is paid a lump sum amount of any 18 diseases. Under this benefit scheme, the 138 specified surgeries are covered under 4 categories lump sum benefit of 20%, 40 % 60% and 100% of the sum assured depending upon the category of the surgery.

Key features of Health insurance
1.    Critical illness covers discount on premium if sum assured exceeds a particular limit of 10 lakh for instance.
2.    After a specified period, the premium flexibility reduces.
3.    Flexibility to reduce policy term after a specified period.
4.    Health insurance premium provides tax exemption under section 80 D of income tax act 1961.

Mediclaim covers hospitalization and treatment towards accident and specified illness for a specific sum assured limit. The amount paid towards mediclaim for self/ spouse/ children provides tax exemption under section 80 D maximum exemption 15000 on premium and for senior citizens; it is exempted up to 20,000. Mediclaim must be taken for a tax benefit, else it generates into tax saving investment rather than a lifeline for your family.

It is said that your health is your wealth and with the same belief, we make it our mission to ensure that your health is never compromised. That’s why we offer you a flexible plan to protect your health.
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“Health shall never come second with the Life Insurance Corporation by your side”.