Saturday, 19 August 2017

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Find My Garage

Find my garage is platform here you book your nearest garage. The main aims to save time and frustration as well as provide great garage and best service to the client. Many people have not the time to look around locally or to research most trustworthy garage in their area.

The platform provides you 70+ garage list and also you find the nearest garage from your location. You have to just log in and book your appointment through this platform. All this registration process is freely available.

Why you choose find my garage?

Save time:-
Quickly book your garage through online simply doing free registration.

Save money:-
Using this platform you nearest location garage and also compare the price with different garage.

Pickup and drop facility:-
The platform provides you pick up drop facility for your vehicle.

Our Mission, Vision, and Goal:-

Our mission:-
 To make taking care of your vehicle easy and fun by helping you find the closest garage in your area.

Our vision
Founded in 2016, we want to help more and more people every day and become their best friend in the process of looking after their vehicles. We want to become biggest service providers who help as many people in as there is a vehicle on the planet.

Our Goal:-
Our goal towards our clients is to resolve all vehicle repair issues in a warm and professional environment to inspire their delight every time. We hope to win every customer's trust and confidence of being treated fairly with.

Find my garage is not only available on the website but also in the mobile app. The concept of three people Prathamesh Joshi, Rupak Gandhurkar, and Saurabh Takalkar. To create the best possible website for vehicle owners to find and compare instant quotes and book online free. Hurry up! book your nearest garage through our website and contact us on 9405783794.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Approach to Search Engine Optimization

Before starting SEO of any project, it is important to know the process involved in a successful SEO campaign. To do so break the process into six step shown below.

1)    Keyword Research: - Keyword research means phrases of keyword that are used in optimization. Keyword research is the balanced combination of two factors high keyword search by searchers and relatively low competition within search engines.
2)    Reporting and Goal Setting: - After researching keyword it is important to understand what subject sites starting position is within search engines. Also, you know the specific are that need to work.
3)    Content Building: - Search engine work according to a content of a site that why content is known as king in search engine optimization. If your site has the best content then a user will give the reason to stay and reason to come back on site.
4)    Page optimization: - When you do page optimization you should work on page titles, text-based navigation, prominence of target keyword phrases, site map, and ALT and META data.
5)    Social and link building: - Promote your campaign on a different social media site. Google view links your site as votes for your site and rewards the site accordingly. Also, you check link popularity with a variety of free online tools.

6)    Follow reporting: - Make the same reporting that are made in initial level and follow measurable result to the SEO campaign

COMPROM Educational Consulting Services

The name COMPROM has come from the Competency Mapping & Profile Matching. Mr. Suyog  Nankar, Founder of Comprom has come up with this concept with his in-depth research work in Education sector. Comprom provides high-quality educational consultancy to the students who really need proper counseling and mentoring. Comprom avails Profile Mentors according to the requirement of the candidate. By using tests like DMIT, organization counsel candidates & help them make right decisions at right time about their educational & professional career.

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test), is a unique scientific method of Brain Mapping based on fingerprint patterns analysis. The development of fingerprints and the human brain happens simultaneously between 13th and 19th prenatal week & they have direct co-relation between them. Through clinical trials, it has been proved that the fingerprints and multiple bits of intelligence are absolutely related. Dr. Howard Gardner discovered that multiple bits of intelligence are correlated to specific regions in the neocortex. This enables Dermatoglyphics to identify the presence and magnitudes of these Multiple Intelligences at the early stages of childhood development.

This will clarify your strengths & weaknesses. After doing the analysis of the Test Report, Profile Matching process will explore opportunities & threats for the candidate. In the counseling, with convergent thinking, the counselor will fine tune some specific goals for the candidate. Everybody should have a clear idea about his own strengths. COMPROM has become a reliable Bridge thro student- parents- Academics -Industry.

Do not wait a long! Do your child's DMIT test and find your child's interest. One call to Suyog Nankar (founder and chief consultant) will help. For more details call on number 8793163350

Saturday, 13 May 2017

व्यवसायाचा राजमार्ग आणि डिजिटल उद्योजकता - Seminar in Marathi - Pune - 17May2017


* व्यवसायाचा राजमार्ग आणि डिजिटल उद्योजकता *

उद्योजकांना व्यवसायाचा राजमार्ग दाखविणारा आणि डिजिटल उद्योजकतेसंबंधि संपूर्ण माहिती देणारा परिसंवाद (सेमिनार)
अशी संधी दवडू नका...

तारीख: १७ मे २०१७
वेळ: संध्याकाळी ५.३० ते ७.३०
स्थळ: MCCIA चे पदमजी सभागृह, टिळक रोड, पुणे (Maratha Chamber of Commerce and Industries Building near Petrol Pump on Tialk Road, Pune)

आयोजक: ग्रॅव्हिटी बिझनेस सर्विसेस, पुणे

हे सेमिनार मोफत असून त्यासाठी नाव नोंदणी आवशयक आहे. नाव नोंदणीसाठी ७३७८६६१०३८ या क्रमांकावर संपर्क करा. प्रथम नोंदणी करणाऱ्यास प्राधान्य देण्यात येईल. काही जागा राखीव आहेत.

  1. How to Start a New Business?
  2. How to obtain different Licenses?
  3. How to get Funding / Business Loan?
  4. Who can be my Mentor for my Business?
  5. What is Digital Marketing?
  6. How to use Digital Marketing effectively for my Business?
  7. Is there any online platform (e-stores) available for Small Business Owners?

Get answers to all these questions in this FREE Seminar!