Saturday, 21 April 2018

Strokes Of Swimming

Swimming is an individual activity that burns lots of calories, is simple on the joints, supports your weight, and builds your muscular strength and endurance. Swimming also helps to improve cardio fitness, refreshes you and cools you off in summer, and it also safely into old age.
Swimming is a team or an individual sport that uses arms and legs to move the body through water. Swimming is one of the most common and Olympic sports with varied distance and strokes like, butterfly, backstroke, freestyle, and individual combination.

Strokes of swimming
•    Butterfly stroke-
It is very difficult stroke and not use for the beginners because it requires perfect timing and good contract with strength. In this stroke, legs move together in s dolphin kick, the arms move together to push the water downwards and backward. 
Leg kick-
1-    Bend the knees slightly, and keep arms together.
2-    Push the water downwards by straightening the knees and beating the feet downwards.
3-    There should be two kicks for every arm stroke.
Arms stroke-
•    Move the arms together, and pull the water with hands cupped.
•    Swing the arms forward on the water in a sweeping motion to complete the stroke.
•    Face the palms outward, and press it down outward.
The backstroke is very easy; butterfly and backstroke are much similar to the inch in that you use alternate windmill arm stroke and flutter kick. The main key of backstroke is that your arms move with equal strength, otherwise you will swim off to one side, so your body rolls from side to side and your arms catch enough water to push you forward.
Leg kick
•    Bend the knees slightly.
•    Relax the feet and ankles.
•    Highlights the up-kick for a force.
Arms stroke
•    Move the arms are a flashing, windmill pattern as they rotate and pass your face.
•    Move the hands are an “S” pattern when they are pushing the water.
•    Cup the hands and thumb leaves the water first.

This is the most famous stroke and the easiest for beginners to learn. In this stroke, arm moment is like a windmill and it is a simple flutter kick like the backstroke, only on your belly. The most difficult part is coordinating the breathing since your face is water most of the time.
The leg kick
•    The leg kick is an alternating order.
•    Bend the knees slightly.
•    Relax the ankles and feet

Arms stroke

•    Move the arms in an alternating windmill motion.
•    Pull your arm through the water with equal strength
•    Cup the hands and keep the wrist and hand relax.

Equipment need for swimming
Swimsuit- You will need a swimsuit expect you plan on skinny-dipping! A swimsuit is a design like fabric as well for minimum resistance through the water. They tend to long last time and fading even when used frequently in chlorinated pools.

Goggles protect your eyes from chlorine and they help you to keep your eyes open when you swim. You can even get direction swim goggles if you wear glasses check with your optician for availability to find the right pair of goggles. 
Bathing caps-
Bathing caps are used for many purposes. Some pool managers will require individuals caps to protect long hair from getting into the pool, and some people just protect their hair from chlorine in the water you can also use bathing caps to cut it down battle in the water. Many caps are made of latex, but instead of this, you can find silicone, neoprene, and Lycra as well.

Overall swimming keeps your heart rate up, builds endurance, muscle strength and cardio fitness. It also helps to maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart, and lungs, toned your body and muscles.
•    Being relaxing and peaceful form of exercise.
•    Alleviating stress
•    Improving coordination, balance, and posture.
•    Improving flexibility
•    Providing good low impact therapy for some injuries and conditions.

•    Providing a pleasant way to cool down on a hot day.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Mediclaim Policy

Mediclaim Policy
Mediclaim policy is an Insurance product that refunds the expenses for hospitalization or domiciliary care. It can return either your expenses when you submit relevant bills or you have an entire cashless hospitalization where your insurer will directly deal with the hospital. Nowadays, it is very important to have a Mediclaim policy because lifestyle diseases and health care have made it necessary. Mediclaim policy is a health policy that offers you total health cover up to the sum insured in case of illness or accident which lead to hospitalization. In India, Mediclaim policy is issued for the specific time period, but the policy is renewed for its continuing benefits.
Premiums benefit:-  that are payable on Mediclaim policies but they are based on certain criteria like the age of the proposer, geographical area of treatment, sum insured, term of the plan, etc.
Age:- of insured persons can range from 5 years to 80 years, is the age criteria and range insurable varies between companies.
Family cover: - you can cover Mediclaim for your entire family with the payment of one master premium.  This may eligible for a discount on your premium.

Types of Mediclaim policies in India.
Individual Mediclaim- In this policy you can insure yourself against the financial liabilities of hospitalization.
Family floater- you can provide additional benefit for your entire family, and feel tension free in case of hospital bills and related expenses.
Group Mediclaim- In this term employer or person in charge of a group of people willing to add to their salary benefits of cashless hospitalization or return on hospital expenses.
Low-cost Mediclaim- is for the poor village masses. For small scale and medium scale industries insure their employees and their dependents for Rs. 1,600 per annum.
Senior citizen Mediclaim- This type of Mediclaim requires testing special provisions and it’s a huge step for the industry as they can safely insure senior citizen at premium rates.
Critical illness Mediclaim- This is the most expensive treatments in the field are those spent on critical illness. It usually offers a higher claimed amount, include some of the following.
1.      Aorta graft surgery.
2.      Cancer.
3.      Coronary artery bypasses surgery.
4.      First heart attack.
5.      Kidney failure.
6.      Major organ transplant.
7.      Multiple sclerosis.
8.      Paralysis.
9.      Stroke.
10.  Primary pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Benefits of buying Mediclaim policy
Mediclaim policy is very cost effective and affordable health care. It reduces the financial burden faced by an individual in case of sudden illness or accident that leads to hospitalization. Mediclaim policy offers cashless hospitalization wherein the insured member doesn’t have to pay for medical expenses. The insurer will pay for the treatments received at a hospital.  You can also get tax deduction benefits in premium paid towards Mediclaim for self, spouse, and children under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961. You can get another 15000 tax benefit on premium paid towards a Mediclaim policy for parents Rs. 20000.

Mediclaim policy covers all direct charges that you incur as a result of hospitalization like OT charges, medicines,  blood, oxygen, diagnostic material, X-rays, radiotherapy etc. it also include day care treatment where 24 hour hospitalization is not needed. It also covers medical professional fees, anesthetist charges, etc.  

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Sign It’s Time To Upgrade Your HVAC System.

Many people take granted their HVAC system unless it breaks down. If you have to repair your HVAC system continuously then instead of repairing it every time you have to replace it. In this blog, you have to find some signs from that you can understand when should you replace your HVAC system.

Electricity bill rising:
No matter as you caring your HVAC system or not caring it if days go and after some period the system will lose the efficiency. If you observe your heating bills seem to go up every winter then it might be time to replace your heating and air conditioning system.

Temperature and humidity issues:
If you are feeling poor air flow and your home’s room will take a lot of time for cooling then it’s time to upgrade it. It means that your system has duct problems or installation problem. If you want your HVAC system work properly then all parts of the HVAC system should be healthy. With the new installation, you will check that your all system parts must be work properly and also make sure your system is correctly sized.

Increasing Noise:
If you are hearing the odd noise from your HVAC system then be aware it is not the good sign. An increase noise indicates that your system is in need of more repairs. These types of issues occur in your system when a part loosens or needs replacing. Many time you replaced that part but the system will eventually wear out with new parts also. If after replacing the new parts of the system still your system makes noise then it’s time to replace the system.
Your HVAC System Is More than 10 Years Old:
You should replace your HVAC system after 10 to 15 years depending on the system. If your HVAC system is running from the long time its starts creating troubles. Many HVAC systems cause’ issues like bad coils to a failing blower motor. By changing out your HVAC system, the upgrade in efficiency will save more money in a long way.

Ducting Problem:
In your home, some rooms are too hot and some rooms are cold. These problems do not occur when your HVAC system is running properly. The well-installed HVAC system distributes air properly all over your home without leaking to keep all rooms at a comfortable temperature.The leaky ducts can allow particles and air from basements and dispense them throughout your house. If that problem is not recovered using sealing then you have to replace your HVAC system.


If you are finding issues in your HVAC system that are mentioned above then call NeptuneEngineers. We have a well-experienced team and they will help you through the process of replacing the perfect HVAC system for your home or office. Our team understand your building structure, future plans and financial goals and according to your requirement, they suggest you best system for you. If you have any issues regarding replacement of HVAC then give us call today.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

How to find right HVAC Contractor for your home or business?

For proper installation a best and knowledgeable contractor is necessary. HVAC contractor is always in demand because individuals and business constantly need their HVAC system serviced, repaired, and replaced. Following are some tips that will help you for hiring HVAC contractor for your home or business.

Licensing and Experience
The HVAC system in your home is the expensive system and you want a guarantee that whoever works on it has appropriate training. While hiring the contractor the contractor must have at least 5 years of experience and proper licensing.
Size Selection:
 Proper size of HVAC system is also important for your home and Office so that your contractor must have proper evolution knowledge of your home or business. The proper knowledge of HVAC contractor come to your home and will ask a question regarding cold and hot spots. If your home’s environment is too humid and dry then you must compare the different product and prices with a contractor.
Check Reviews:
Before hiring the HVAC contractor for your home and business you must check the reviews of that contractor on Google and Facebook. If any of the company does not have the reviews then search other company so that they help you with proper installation of HVAC.
Check Energy Star:
Energy star is the strict energy efficiency guideline set by the U. S. Environmental protection agency and offer significant long-term energy savings. You must ask the contractors regarding energy saving star for a particular system because the efficiency of a system depends on energy star.
Rebates and Special offers
You must ask 2 to 3 references to your contractor. Once you get the references then you will call them and ask all questions you want to get answered. Through this, you can understand that your selected HVAC contractor will lead to a successful business transaction for all side involved.
In your home air-conditioning system is the largest investments. As a customer, you should ask for the offers and also check the energy saving star on the system.
Proposal signing:
Before hiring the contractor you must sign the written proposal first. So it will keep you by specifying project cost, model numbers, job schedule, and warranty information.

The installment of HVAC system is costly so you keenly follow all the above steps and make the best choices and saves your company money and time. 
Neptune Engineers is the leading HVAC service provider ranges from residential HVAC to industrial HVAC.  We are the dealers of a carrier, Toshiba, and Totaline Company. We have a head office in Pune and branch office in Sangali and Kolhapur. We also help you for solving all your doubts regarding HVAC system.

To learn more about choosing an HVAC contract to contact us at Neptune Engineers. We have provided residential and commercial HVAC solutions from 20 years.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Sports an Important Factor in Corporate World

For any company, mutual bonding and friendship play a very important role in order to have growth in the business. This is not only beneficial for the business owner but is also beneficial for the employees. In this case, any department like Human Resource can conduct any sports activity regarding Sports twice a year.

Sports activity helps in building team event for any company. This not only useful for an individual to develop his strength or health but it is mainly important for the person to reach the requirement of the company success. When a team works together two things boost their work in a very fast manner one is Sportsmanship and the second one is cooperation these two things are very important in any workplace.
Every one of us loves gaming, considering this fact a company should organize a sports event which will be useful in many various ways for the company. Such activities will surely help in developing the sportsmanship within the employees of any particular company. Sports also helps to release tension and stress, this automatically impacts on their performance. Participation of workers from different designation helps in reducing conflicts between them and develops work environment.
One more thing is very important when we are working as a team that is trust. Without trust, there is always a chance of failure. Sports also develops different skills like discipline, decision making, tolerance, teamwork, leadership and good behavior. It also helps us in problem-solving, vision and strategic thinking.
Sports event also helps in Employee Engagement. This term is very important for every company the engagement of any employee is a strong and positive connection between a person and his or her job. Employees who are well engaged always keep their company reputed and work for its growth. Sports make them think positive and concentrate on any particular work.
So in today’s world, we get busy in managing our day and it gets difficult to perform any action on the ground or outside the office. If your company is thinking of organizing any sports event, Cisma Sports event management Pvt Ltd will help you in every way. We are into local and International level Sports events. We provide all types of services for your events like participant management, Media Management, spectator management, Venue Management and Regulatory Management. We have many years of experience in sports management and we give our best to make your event memorable and successful. We organize many types of events like School, Corporates companies, government offices, banks, sports clubs, social clubs at local, state, national and international level. We hire professionals from the specific game field for any event. We also bring sponsorship and we want to bring big brands in India from all over the world. We don’t change for the sports event management. We also have online registration facility designed for every different sport.